Charlize Checani

Gilbert, AZ

Ranking ID: 889702018

BVNE Player Points
Girls 18U Gold41st33.0
KB 18U Gold41st33.0
BreakWater 18U41st33.0
Girls 18U Silver41st33.0
Girls 18U Bronze41st33.0
Girls 18U Copper41st33.0
Girls 18U Gold Consolation41st33.0
DateEvent NameEvent Host/AffiliateLocationDivisionTeam NameTeammate(s)PlaceBVNE Player Points
Sat, Sep 26th, 2020GNBV Virtual Showcase Tournament (2020-09-26)GNBV ShowcaseGlendale, AZGirls 18U GoldChecani/Checani (GCU)Kamilah Checani2nd33.0View Results
Sat, Jul 11th, 202016’s High School Invitational 7-11-2020BVNE Nationwide EventsAZGirls 16U GoldChecani/NotaroSophia Notaro1st30.0View Results
Fri, May 29th, 2020BVNE 2020 Qualifier May 29th 2020 The Sand ClubBVNE Nationwide EventsAZGirls 16U GoldBogle/ChecaniBrooklin Bogle3rd11.0View Results
Sun, Feb 2nd, 2020GNBV National College Recruiting ShowcaseGNBV ShowcaseSanta Monica, CAGirls 16U GoldBogle/ChecaniBrooklin Bogle5th-View Results
Sat, Feb 1st, 2020Kauai Bikini National Tournament Feb 1, 2020Kauai Bikini SeriesSanta Monica, CAGirls 16U GoldBogle/ChecaniBrooklin Bogle3rd10.0View Results
Sat, Jan 11th, 2020The Sand Club BVNE 2020 Qualifier 1-11-2020BVNE Nationwide EventsAZGirls 16U GoldChecani/BogleBrooklin Bogle2nd26.0View Results
Sat, Nov 16th, 2019The Sand Club Qualifier #2BVNE Nationwide EventsAZGirls 16U GoldBogle/ChecaniBrooklin Bogle2nd26.0View Results
Sat, Aug 31st, 2019BVNE Open #1 Aug 31 2019BVNE Nationwide EventsGilbert, AZGirls 16U GoldBrooklin Bogle/Charlize ChecaniBrooklyn Bogle3rd11.0View Results
Sun, Aug 18th, 2019BVNE Qualifier #1 - The Sand Club at Mesquite BeachBVNE Nationwide EventsGilbert, AZGirls 16U GoldBrooklyn Bogle/Charlize ChecaniBrooklyn Bogle1st30.0View Results